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can you come back home?
don’t leave me at the end of the cold world but come back to my side

2NE1 Tumblr Challenge

Day 15: Favorite Song from 2NE1’s Crush Album

Come Back Home (Unplugged), 2014.   I loved the original version, with its insane bass-dropping chorus, but in the end I had to pick the unplugged version because of the emotional weight the song carries. I’ve said it before but one thing I love about 2NE1 is that they don’t just sing upbeat and catchy songs. They sing about times when life is really hard. They sing about feeling ugly, being lonely and about missing that special someone.  I think the unplugged version really showcases how much they’ve grown as artists and yet I still feel that they’ve never lost that feeling of authenticity or forgotten about their fans.  

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